Preliminary Certificate of Title Insurance (Title Commitment):
  • Full Abstract
  • Tax Searches
  • Name Searches (judgments and federal tax liens)
  • Mechanics’ Liens Searches
  • UCC Financing Statement Searches
  • Bankruptcy Searches (individual and corporate)
Corporate Status Searches:
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Franchise Tax Search
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Partnership Certificates
  • LLC and LLP Filings
Municipal Searches as Required by Lender:
  • Housing and Building Violations Searches
  • Certificate of Occupancy Searches
Title Insurance Policies Issued:
  • Fee (Owner) Policies
  • Loan (Mortgage) Policies
  • Leasehold Policies
  • Building Loan Policies (with five free run-downs)
  • Subordinate Mortgage Policies (Limited Liability)
  • TIRSA Foreclosure Guarantees
  • ALTA-Approved Endorsements – Including High Risk Endorsements
Post Closing Services:
  • Three-Day Recission Run-downs
  • Real Estate Taxes, Water and Sewer Pay-off Services
  • Mortgage Pay-off Services
  • Judgment Pay-off Services
  • Public Record Correction Assistance
  • Prompt, Reliable Recording/Filing
  • Policy Endorsement with Recording Information
  • Escrow Services for Pay-off Related Documents
  • Attorney Search (Last Owner and Open Lien Search)
  • Last Owner (last deed of record) Search
  • Open Mortgage Search
  • County Name Searches (judgments, federal tax liens and
  • UCC Financing Statements) Individual or Corporate
  • Corporate Status Searches – Secretary of State Level
  • Real Estate Tax Searches with Assessment Information
  • Certified Copies of Recorded Documents
  • Copies of Filed Maps
  • Bankruptcy Searches (Individual or Corporate)
  • Covenants, Restrictions and Easement Searches
  • Mechanics’ Liens Searches
  • Litigation Searches
  • Municipal Searches (See above)
  • Recording/Filing Services


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